A Blessing of Love

by alovecartography

Below is the blessing given to me and my husband when we were married; I think it boldly and simply speaks to Love between people and its connection to the Universal nature of Love.  How an intimate and personal Love, if nurtured,  can over time, by building upon the foundation of one’s relationships,  lend its self to building a Love beyond two people.  The Love spread by Loving people is boundless.   Spreading Love is a form of Social Justice action.

A Blessing of Love

Written by Dawn Stracener, Ph.D.

My simple blessing is that in all things you learn to love well.

That you learn to touch the ever-changing seasons of life with a great heart of compassion.

That you live with the peace and justice for the earth and all those upon it.

That you learn to care fully and let go gracefully.

That through your own lives, through your own joy and sorrow in thought, word and deed, you bring benefit and blessings to all that live.

That your hearts and the hearts of all beings learn to be free.