Writing as Art

by alovecartography

It may be somewhat forgotten Love, the Love or writing in our own hand.   Our hands offer not only words  but a piece of our individuality; no two hands write in quite the same way.   We also become vulnerable when we put pen to paper and we do not have the ability to create perfectly undeviating letters to convey a clear message with out errors.  We are not allowed to back space; the  thoughts unfold as a stream of consciousness transmitted into symbols strung together to create meaning. We may also have to forgive ourselves for a misspelling, an omitted word, or just admit that our hand writing is a reflection of our unique humanness and it will be imperfect.  The more we write, the more we are able to remember this Love.  Even as I type on perfectly uniform keys on a board, I can investigate in a new tab if I have correctly used the word board, or bored to write these lines with confidence.   I am hesitating and stopping thoughts midstream with a need for flawlessness and consistency.   What if we were able to just write?   What if we were to utilize the vulnerability  inherent in our hand writing and compose a letter of comparable vulnerability; a Love Letter?

Gustave Flaubert writes:

“The art of writing is discovering what you believe.”

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