Thoughts on Neuroscience ( and its relation to Love)

by alovecartography

Contemporary neuroscience:

Soulless reductionism
Dearth of hard data

Hidden landscapes of the human soul
Objective transaction , transmission, comprehension vs. ephemeral experience

Assemblage of cells transmitting chemical signals, like a liver or kidney…this is how emotions including Love occur

Brain as a triune; three distance hemispheres from difference evolutionary phases in human development interacting and mutually informing each region
One part life sustaining, one part care taking and the third for communication, planning, perception and voluntary             control of movement, abstraction sand decision making
The third part making us uniquely human, our most recent evolution of the mind
Fragmentation and disharmonious interaction between the trio of parts
No one part has neurological anonymity

Divided mind, reason vs. passion, we can not will our behavior in the same way we can conduct our physical actions like reaching for a cup and drinking

Limbic =art, beyond logic, dreaming during sleep

Emotion: (emotionality)…..always ephemeral
Messenger (literally) of Love, have biological function,  universal human experience, most emotions do to require real thinking, but rather they are reactionary and protective, emotions are analogous to piano keys striking a string; action and  corollary reaction (correlation), is this programmed, learned, is it re-programmable?
A biological Need for assurance; we seek out others for security at moments of insecurity and unknowing-a physiological need, chemically oriented, only met by the connection with another who is trusted or in other words…a loved one is physically needed as we experience and navigate the unknown; a physical characteristic which makes us human, which makes us need love, literally, for security and the foundation for advancement and risk taking
Love is needed in the form of  the words; both verbal and non verbal communication are a biological needs. We are unable to survive and exist without the uttered word and expression of Love.

Failure to thrive studies are fucked!