Healing Heart

by alovecartography

Our capacity to learn, grow, evolve as adults is not what our minds were capable of prior to our adolescence.
Creating stabilization , grounding our selves through emotional connection is the precursor to healing.
Limbic regulation/dependence
We reprogram our brains to heal from despair and distress through real connections with people practicing Love… That is how we learn! By doing… Especially as adults. We do not have the youthful brain which just absorbs with out practice or resistance.  We are predisposed to having happiness and love come to us easily or not. For each of  us the  structure for emotional well being need to present in order for us to evolve. We got it or we did not as children, if we did not get emotional support then it takes a strong connection with another bent with an evolved and stable limbic system in order to learn love! We are so completely interdependent we literally could not exist with out one another….
Bottom line is re-programming by giving up old ways an embracing new ones through therapy, love, a support system of chosen family and friends, and some through pharmaceuticals or a combination of the above; really it takes the courage to evolve and enter new realms of self thought and new action.