Before I Die

by alovecartography

So there is a cool house in my neighborhood that always has a chalkboard hanging in a tree between the sidewalk and the street with a single word on it. The word changes frequently, a few times a month.  Today I was driving by the same house and there was another chalkboard.  This newer one is of the same size but in a portrait orientation and hanging from an adjacent tree about 5 feet away from the one with the single word.  Below are the contents of the board which I slowed down to read as I passed down the residential street under a canopy of trees whose branches are just beginning to fill in with leaves.  I was immediately struck by item number 5 on the list of “before I die I would like to…” that I flipped around to get out and take a photo to extend the viewing audience of this list beyond those traveling the neighborhood.  I do not know if the residents made the question and answered it themselves as a statement or if passersby wrote in the blanks.  I was taken aback at how simultaneously bold and vulnerable, audacious and exposed this statement is; just hanging in a tree down the street.  It is empowering somehow knowing that others are also on the quest to discover and embrace Love of self.

before I Die