What the Fuck do I know?

by alovecartography

Beginning today I have embraced the shift of focus to this work and am beginning to write letters to others instead of asking for letters to be submitted.  I closed the PO Box and am no longer accepting letters because there is no longer an address.  I did not receive one single letter in the 7 months the PO box address existed.  This is just an evolution of the work and not, as I am seeing it, a setback.  I am seeing this as a blessing and an opportunity to focus the work back on me.    I am beginning to see that the work has to come from me, and the data collection of the social cartographic component of this art experiment is going to come from experience and from what I collect, but mostly what I put out into the world.  This is a visual art project, but it is also a literary art or writing project.  The process of writing is leading closer to the visual presentation of the year long and lifelong lessons of learning about Love: what is it, what do so many across time and medium muse about it, why do so many people have holes in their hearts where Love once lived, why do so many people remain alone and look for Love in all the wrong places…including the internet, can this process of trying to be open to learning ever more about Love bring any real answers, has our community of human beings created a social environment in which Love is not made to endure over time and the trials of life?   These are the question to which I hope to gain insight from this work.  The research and development has transferred from an outwardly direction to an inward direction for research and development.  In-sight; this has evolved into the process of searching inside for sight, the process of turning in while reaching deeper for discovery.   Reaching in not reaching out.  Re-searching; searching again into myself and what my life’s journey and investigation during this project has led me to discover about the nature of Love.  My fear is that I will miss the lessons of others, which is what I was initially searching for at the beginning of this project.  I think now the research out over the past 7 months has led to this current destination of now having to re-search in.  What does it all mean, what the hell am I doing?  What the fuck do I know?

Is it ok to have the audacity to  think that I may have some tiny contribution to give to the timeless legacy of the process of the discovery of Love?